Thu, 05/08/2014 - 14:23 -- eklapps

                           Scattered thoughts

                                         Scattered Dreams

                               Scattered visions for the future


All jumbled in a glass dome ready to


at the prick of a  needle

Trying to slow my thoughts as they race faster than

cars at the Indie 500

All racing to come in first for the chance to get


Different places in my life

play like an endless slideshow in my mind


The Silver Jewels on the lake shimmer and take me back to my summer job

The exausted blues of the walls in my room sweep me back to all my teenage angst

The virginal white of the snow guide me to the top of Aurora Peak overlooking the

Mystical valley below


I can't control my thoughts, dreams and visions for the future



                             I love chaos

   And I love when my mind





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