My Friend

Sun, 05/18/2014 - 01:23 -- ncinko


Darkness, shattered by a spectacular fireworks show.  Dormancy, followed by the sparks of the most intricate electrical circuit.  The signals of eighty billion neurons travel on a journey to bring life.  

I stand in awe of this beautiful system.

The music it composes.

The ideas it dreams.

The art it creates.

The inventions it designs.

The emotions it feels.

How is this possible? And to think... wait... what does it mean to think?  Is my mind thinking or am I?  There must be a deeper connection, but it is beyond my comprehension.  This idea itself is interesting--that I can know the limits of my mind.  By some miracle, my stream of consciousness can take a step back and ponder its inner workings.  I have the ability to communicate these deep discoveries to other minds, equally beautiful and complex as my own.

My mind is never satisfied.  It is curious, always asking questions, and looking for better answers.  It knows the difference between being told something is the truth and discovering the truth itself, and my mind will only settle for the latter.  We work together to learn, understand, and create.  Every night I take a break to rest, and I wonder if my mind does better work without me.  It provides me with dreams while continuing to process information throughout my hours of slumber.  I awake with new ideas; concepts are suddenly clear; knowledge is more firmly set.

I take too much for granted.  My mind allows me to experience the world, to interact with others, and to feel joy and sorrow; pleasure and pain; contentment and anger.  It allows me to feel this perfect range of emotions.  Without it, I am nothing; so I will always keep it close to me.  It is my mind and my friend.


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