Where my Mind Begins


I'm on an adventure

Into my mind

Where I will find the treasure

But first I must find

The map, my inspiration

Perhaps I could look to my friends

For they are what brings me elation

They always teach me the new trends

There is also my family

Who is always encouraging me 

But they can make things chaotic

And my friends can be quite quixotic

So I look to the sky

And to the trees all around

Everything in nature on which I spy

That is where my mind is found

I can soar past all the stress

and just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors 

Although, even better is sound

And the music that opens doors

Through which under indeas I am drowned

It is the simple pleasures that awake my mind

and allow my journey to start

That give me hope and creativity 

Peace and guidance

And that is where my journey starts

Right in the heart of Nature and Sound



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