Wake Up the People

Mon, 07/14/2014 - 16:39 -- JadeShu

Wake up, everyone!

Don’t you know?

Till the ground for harvest

Disrupting the unfruitful flow


It’s just how it is

That’s not an excuse

To let people settle

For this apathetic chain of abuse


Stifling change for comfort

Indulging in self-oppression

No one even cares

Saddening me like depression


Planting a good crop

Starts with breaking dry ground

Before growth can begin

The old life can’t be around


Step out, all you people!

Get out of your comfort zone

Live your life now

This song needs a different tone


We are desperate for revival

Hide that Sunday smile

Let’s live what we preach

It might take us a while


We want to move the world

But it starts with a pile of dirt

It’s about time

We help out those who hurt


We try to change a nation

Thinking we know what’s good

But it starts with one person

Not the whole neighborhood


A loud voice may ring

But it takes someone to hear

To listen and react

Before anyone will shed a tear


So come one people

Practice what you preach

After all

Isn’t that what we teach?


Wake up people

Just because it feels right

Doesn’t mean

Truth will go down without a fight


What’s wrong is now okay

Oh, can’t you see?

We’ve compromised the truth

And that’s not okay with me


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