(Y)our Planet

Sat, 05/03/2014 - 18:15 -- Waz Raf


I was the alien who walked into the room

The one who attracted all the irises like magnets


The only one who knew where my mother's homeland was and

yet, the only one who cared


My soul was




Away from its home

Take me back, it cried


But there was no turning back now

It endured the trials as the years passed by


The breath of pressure hot against my neck as I

buried my face in textbooks

Hardened my skin against the dull fists and sharp words of the natives

Was it because I was an alien

Or was I simply too human?


Yet, my soul pushed on through and made contact

of the fourth kind

with other aliens such as myself

and together we built ourselves a lovely little planet


And now I still bury my face in the textbooks

But when I walk into the room

I attract all the irises like magnets

And I meet them all with a confident gaze


This planet belongs to all of us

now, none of us are alien



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