The answer to life, the universe, and


What is 6 times 9?

The question.

A nihilist laughing at the world.

There is no point.

The answer and question cannot

Be known about the same


So he says.

And in his story, we laugh along with him.


But this is no joke, no

Laughing matter.

What is real?

What is the purpose of all this?

Why are we here?

We know the questions.

Why could we not find answers?

We are not mice, condemned to run in the

Wheel in circles, hoping for a flawed


To answer our questions.


We are man.

We are born.

We live, we love, we act, we die.

Meaningless, some would say.

Here today and gone


Disappearing into the void.


But we are man.

Created ex nihilo, out of


Created in the image of God.

Our loving God, who shaped man

Out of dust and

Breathed the breath of life into his lungs.

Intelligent design, not the random toss

Of evolution’s dice.

We think, we know, because we

Are created by God.

We think, we reason, therefore we can

Answer our questions.

What is real?  Or most real? 

God is real. 

He is from eternity, unchanging,


Out of nothing, He created all that is.

And His creation is also real.

I am real.  You are real.

We exist.


What is the purpose of this world,

Of what we see around us?

If God made all this, then why?

Because no one likes to be alone.

Because even God, infinite, all-powerful,

Takes pleasure in something well done, well made.

“And God saw all that He had made, and

It was good.”


That is why you are here, then –

Because a loving God looked down at

This world and decided that you

Were missing.

His desire is that we – although

We have turned away from

What He has called us to be –

Would come back.

That we would learn to love Him

And to love others as we were first loved

By Him.


We are not purposeless.

We are not random chance.

Our lives are not without meaning.

Life does not add up to forty-two.


It adds up to “For God so loved the world.”


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