Tick Tick


Tick Tock goes the clock with all the real under lock

Tick Tock goes the bomb that could shatter a block

Tick Tock goes the girl who had enough

Tick Tock goes the world in a continental flush

Tick Tock goes me who doesn’t understand

Tick Tock is us when we don’t take a chance

Tick Tock is our lives when we don’t make a change

Tick Tock is the moment that we don’t repay

All the sacrifices and  and pain they had to endure

Yet and still we are the same as before

What makes me tick is untapped potential

All smiles and bright minds it makes me go mental

So much yet so little done

A whole life wasted in the pretense of fun

Fake attitudes and personas just to fit in

Bullying and hurt to make a friend

Brain cells wasted on recreational releases

Ancestors dying for the breakage of chains and leashes

What makes me tick is ungrateful souls

Underdeveloped and insensitive trolls

Ones who feed on the kindness of others

Ones who used to be no better than the next sister or brother

However society has a gruesome way

Of bringing us up just to repay

All the wrong we’ve done to others

From the top and back to the gutters

Maybe it’s better this way

What you deserve is where you will stay



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