An Angels Sin


Pebblewalk circle north
United States
29° 53' 23.28" N, 95° 36' 28.0008" W
Fallen like little soldiers marching to certain death. 
Feels like an angels kiss on your last breath. 
Look at her in the night such beauty. Such pain.
She lets her true colors show when no one can see
She is no lady in distress. Only a lost woman. 
Don't tie her down with lies and chains. 
She'll be like an afternoon cup of tea. 
Out of place. An angel where there's demons. 
No rhythm or rhyme. 
Why don't we just let her bells chime?
No freedom or fame. 
She's only feeling the melancholy pain of losing. 
Ever since all of this began 
But towards the end she will only be a flame 
Why don't we let her shine while she can
Let her continue being a flower-blooming.
All she wants is for them to understand 
The angel and the demon, they come hand in hand. 
Now she must choose which one to be
Stay the angel and be who she is 
Or change to a demon to fit in. 
Curse you with the bitterness of hurt 
Or bless you with the sweetness of forgiving  
But to change would be a sin
To remain the same would be a betrayal.  



Just something to make you think.

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