I Fear

This place seems all to familiar…

The same old TRAP…I just need a second

CAN I GET A SECOND!? Lord please


The clock has stopped, and I think…

Have I done right, have I missed the time, did I waste time, did I use it all, can I get it back


I Fear


Was it love, was it lust, was it a lesson, but…but..

Was the love returned, is there a future, but what about the good times

Is this it for me, am I right…is he right, what if…..can we start over


I Fear



Did I have to go along with yalls relationship

Im innocent, so why I feel like the criminal

Forward and back, forward and around again, forward and jump way back…Im TIRED of the game

Please please..pretty please wake up and realize who I am because…

Daddy’s little girl needs, daddy I need that piece of my heart back

The piece you took from me


I Fear


Thanks mommy…but what about you mommy…mommy I need this

 What if those Sacrafices are un rewarded...personal goals not met, hurdles blocking, disappointment setting in,  will I or wont I….but I have to…but will i…you have no choice, but what if, NO Do It, can it happen

I fear

Ok ok you can do this, wake up, Wake up….

Fear is an entrapment, a nightmare, I fear all these things and more

, but I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!!! And fears are not really fears but motivators in disguise

But my biggest fear,  I mean I mean motivator, Is




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