As a child,

I couldn't wait to grow up.

I wanted to go to high school, 

Just like my big brother.

I wanted to go to dances and play sports.

I always enjoyed my brothers books,

I loved to learn.

Then before I knew it,

I was in junior high.

I played basketball,

Sang in the choir,

Was a member of poetry club,

And had the best of times during art class. 

Then a short time later, 

I finally got to high school.

I still loved to learn.

I took all of the harder class.

The challenges the harder classes provided was a thrill.

I enjoyed going to games and spending time with friends.

It felt like high school would last forever!

But by the end of junior year reality began to set in. 

I had SAT's to take, 

Schools to apply to,

And scholarships to find.

I finally settled on a college and received my acceptance.

Then the hard part came.

Financial aid forms,

Scholarship searches, 

Worrying about how I might be able to afford to further my education.

I used to think growing up would be fun, 

At times it is,

But I never knew it could be this scary.

Trying to plan your future, 

Make the best choices,

Going out on your own.

It never really hit me till now that being a kid was the best thing that ever happened.

But I know there are better things to come,

Things I need to achieve and accomplish.

It's a new beginning.

It's scary. 

But more than anything it's exciting.

It's life.


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