My Mind Is My Power

My mind is beautiful.

It is something that is mine.

While everyone has one

Some people decide not to use it.


My mind is powerful

Its a tool

I use it to solve problems.

Its a weapon

I use it to fight

Its a toy

I play with it

Its a puzzle

It always challenges me


My mind, body and soul are one

Together, they create me

My mind, my thoughts define me

All that I am is within my mind.


And who is to say knowledge is not power

For without it what is left of us?

An empty shell

A mindless puppet

A fat, succulent lean piece of beef?

That is what we are reduced to without the mind


So cherish it, 

embrace it,

for you are your thoughts.

Think and create

That is true beauty.

And with it, I can say that I am truly me.


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