There is not a thought that refuses to pass through my mind

Does God exist? Is life a dream or nightmare? Is this existencew worth pursuing?

Repeatedly I replay these questions, all the time 

No matter how long i think, my mind isnt moving

It refuses to let go of the thought of a lost generation

We have been twisted and forced to conform 

Not to believe and understand what deserves veneration

But what to wear, what to say, what to buy or who is next to perform

I think if i am really someone who will make a  difference 

If my path is the correct one: trying to understand and help those young and old

Becoming like MLK, Ghandi, or Socrates; just someone of significance 

Then corect the lies we have all been told

We all have thoughts. We all have dreams.

But my thougts, are my blessing yet my curse

Becuase every waking moment and in every verse

i think about Everything 


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