Creature's Cowl

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 17:35 -- Ren_G


It screamed.


It screamed in such agony.

Waiting for someone to hear it.


Why was no one answering its chilling call?

Because it cannot be heard. The creature’s screams were inside. Outward silence unto outside terror. 

How they mocked it. How they hurt it. 


Because cowards hide beneath cowls of lies.

For whom?

For no one. How they creeped!

Dancing around the creature.

Their faces of twisted cruelness, their eyes slits of hellish fire. They laughed. They jeered.

They hurt.

Our creature whimpered in silence. Alone it cried. Alone it was left to its thoughts.

One's thoughts are more dangerous than daggers. When left for too long, the poison seeps into the cracks. Flowing ever so lovingly upon the creatures mind.

But does it have its mind? As time passes, ever so dutifully...Our creature is now a beast. 

It begins.


It begins to disintegrate into nothingness. 



The demons with hellish eyes have left for another victim. 

The creature stirs and screams.

It screams aloud. 

No longer silent. 

Our creature becomes a true creature.


And dies. 



Forgotten for good.

Nothing left to mourn.

The creature has fallen...


I did not end up like the creature. 


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