My Sisters and I

My sisters and I come from a land of harsh sun where our culture and spirits live. 

A place that contains so much more beauty than one could ever witness in a lifetime.

My sisters and I have smiles that mock the moon's figure and eyes that gleam and glisten so bright that the stars become jealous.

Our bodies are the finest structured vases filled to the brim with thick, smooth chocolate. 

Each vase perfectly shaped as if God lived on Earth as a world-renowned potter.

Our hair blows hints of our heritage into the atmosphere as the wind whips against the whimisical curls that thicken at the root.

Our skin.

Our skin displays the scars and marks the that the sun's footsteps have left behind.

Our skin.

Our skin tells stories through the thick chocolate layers that cover each voluminous feature that was thoughtfully placed.

My sisters and I are works of art that should be kept in glass encasing, trapping in our strength, culture and allure.


My sisters and I have since relocated our prideful souls into a melting pot that has diminished and boiled away our worth.

We must neglect the hurtful hints that our deviation from "normality" is not considered beauty.

My sisters and I must embrace the inner truth that our singularity is what makes us stand tall and be proud to be a sister.


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