The Child Mom Wants Me To Be


You compare me to my friends
So which one should I be like?
You want me to be her,
The one whose not a virgin and had an abortion? 
Im suprised you want me to be so less of what I saw my self ,
I never knew you wanted me to be a Mother of a Dead Child,
I mean its bound to happen right ?
But expect hers aint reach 18 and mines probably won't either, 
So lets just cut the holidays, birthdays, arguments, BullShyt, and my wasted time, and abort this seed God has given me.
Or I Can Be Like Him,
The drug addict, weed-head, sneaky thief,
I can steal your wallet and invest in my weed addiction, 
See, I'll be famous like we always hope,
But instead of talking about my life,
Ill be holding a number up , 
Instead of taking selfies, ill be picture perfect mugging, for drug dealing 
Turn on Fox 5 @10 , headline reads young girl arrested for selling drugs to be able to pay for the time her moms wasted on her. Her Generations Finest Corrupt
No, no, let me be her,
The lesbian, drama B*tch, 
That turned to a slut in 9th grade,
Because she liked the attention of being wanted rather being a waste of time.
I'll sleep with girls and have sex with men Ill be that prostitute who thinks her body is worth all the brands of disguise she is cloth in 
I will lie like her, about how I'm not faking to make it, keeping my circle loose like my legs -Half as tight 
Yeah, you want me to be them,
Wanting me to lower my standards and expectations of myself,
To be a spitting image of sin!
I'll cloth myself, in hate, sex, drugs, pain.. But ill wear hurt on my head like a crown.. Proud to be that f*cking disgraced you want me to be
Sorry, I'm not a duplicate as them ,
Sorry, i will never be able to throw on the facade of being so focused,
Sorry, i wasn't famous by 13 like amber cole
Sorry, that when like sucked, i couldn't enjoy the head
Sorry my high school reputation wasn't destroyed before it was created 
Sorry, i couldn't deep throat the truth that people don't think I would make it
Sorry, I'm a F*cking successful failure
So ... which one you want me to be, Ma? 


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