Our Rotating World

I see the world as it is,
rotating around and around.
A car zooms by,
startling the birds on the side of the street,
a perfect picture of two worlds,
one made by man and one by God,
living conjointly side by side.
Or so it seems, as the world rotates around.
Meanwhile man forgets his roots,
forgets that he, too, was made by God,
forgets that the Earth is not his,
     but is merely lent to him,
forgets his dependence on nature,
     using it carelessly for his own enjoyment.
Meanwhile, the world rotates around.
But how long will this last?
How much longer until He takes back what is His?
When will reality seep in that we were careless
     with what was His?
For on that day, what we knew
     will no longer be what we know.
The world's rotation will no longer be known to us.
Unless we speak up!
The time is now to do what is right:
Speak for Earth,
     and for what is beautiful around us.
Speak for change
     so that we may live conjointly in this loaned Earth.
So that the world may continue to rotate around us.



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