Knowledge is Power


Knowledge is power as you sit in college for hours,
The professors? They can be sweet or sour,
It doesn't matter, they teach without seperation,
They are just as driven as us to gain an education,
It's sad that tuition costs kids large amounts,
Bills overdue got them sad, feeling lower than their bank accounts,
Scholarships can help that, especially for a guy like me,
A guy who wishes tuition wasn't a thing - education need be free,
I'm a dreamer, I know, but spending money kills,
So a scholarship would really help me with those extra bills,
Help an inspired artist out, I need the extra change,
To get through college in one piece without going insane,
I want to move forward, inspire people with words on a page,
As an English Major and show what stories I have up in my brain,
I dream of victory consistently without a grimful misery, 
My writing is revolutionary, I could change history,
As a great writer and for that I don't need any luck,
And it can start right now, with a couple extra bucks,
If you like my rhyme scheme and find it astounding,
Then help me win that cash, I need that extra thousand.

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