Im Only Human


At this point

Im just tired

So very tired

Of you all


I speak wrong words

Act with wrong actions

Im critized for years

Why cant the lighting come down

And strike me dead


Maybe then youll be happy

Overwhelmed with excitement

I know some people

Who would just like it


You treat me wrong

You disrespect me

You strip me of my dignity

Breaking apart our unity


When I only loved

When I only cared

When only I teard

At the thought of losing you dear


Dreams become reality

Nightmares become your life

People lose their interest

Than im just the simplest

Moron left alone

Waiting forever and ever


For things to return

Back to how I imagined

Images of happiness

All over the world


Where I stand king

And you my faithful queen

Some envy us

Others are juse jealous


I realize now what you are

And what you can do

Love a guy though lies and tall tales

You deserve what I think of you

I close my eyes

And picture you dying

Not me and you

And I stand and smile


Your feelings changed

Well so have mine

Chained to empty memories no more


Everyone make mistakes

But you dont have what it takes

To accept them for human being

As if you're a higher being


But im still here

Im still breathing

Im still moving

Im still writing


I will continue doing so

Until the almighty god

Decides it is time

For his loyal lapdog

To come home


Hate me or love me

Im not perfect I know this

But before you judge me

with all your bad intent

Remember one small and simple thing

Im only human


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