My bones ached from the way you said my name.
But this silence is violent now as I hear the walls creek.
I can feel you radiating life into me.
The warmth that your skin brought still fresh on my cheek.
But I feel the chill of nightfall breaking suddenly.
As I spin into chaotic motion, flailing my feet.
Thrashing my arms with no one beside me.
Feeling for mortality inside of my dreams.
I find no comfort here in the still of the night.
My heart races and paces as I feel the other side
of the bed where you used to lie, it’s now empty and cold. 
These fabrics are choking and smothering the mold
where the weight of your body was lying before.
Wake me from slumber,
smothering me with a shower of kisses.
Help my subconscious to remember the impact of your existence.
Wreck my soul to no end,
losing all ability to let my mind wonder
what a storm would feel like if she ever lost her thunder.


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