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Field of Vision

Education rules my mind.

Images of words and numbers congregate  

in a myriad of thoughts and processes, weaving

together a interconnected tapestry of hope, success

and motivation. It pulls my heart towards a brighter path,

pushes me to evaluate my place in society

and instills values, language and skills into the core

of my developing psyche. When I open a book,

a storm of information is released, it jumps

to the forefront of my imagination, and defines my perspective and identity.

It drives me to learn, to see more, to do more and to give

back to family, friends and the community who have supported me.

My acquisition of knowledge has taught me the meaning of intelligence

and navigated me through the rocky terrain of naivety and ignorance,

while academics, dedication, and challenges have formed the basis of my mentality.

Time may tell the future, but I chose to steer my own path

by grasping the initiative like precious gold among a sea of cooper ore.

I know there is no question that I will succeed and the one

thing that has guided me this far has always been clear:

education rules my mind.



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