Many Roads


Stored away deep inside lies, your emotion dwelling ever-lasting in eternity
From the evolution it has impacted, requires the transformation of your nature
The glistening road of the few, has captivated your being with utter inspiration
Influence takes supremacy, the incredible power becomes deliberated action
I cannot fathom a place bound, by senseless restrictions of an unformed will
Who would dare be adversary, when it is questioning that shows true intent

The unknown is not inherently malevolent, it's position is dependent upon intent
Accompanying the blind certainty of absolutism, springs forth a dreadful eternity
With no such hope for escape, the invisible forces that be---will
Mold your persona according to their despicable nature
Enslavement and unquestioning obedience is their focused action
I cannot help but wonder, what is their inspiration?

It is a state of being that is nourished, the result being inspiration
When the light goes out, there is nothing left to hide but your intent
For one who does not decree justice behind a mask, affects little action
You rationalize that the good is something dictated from beyond, by eternity
I declare however, that morality is not found outside my nature
Rather it is it's processes abundant, that is what is contained within the will

And why should anyone be permitted to form their own will?
Could it be perhaps the desire that sizzled which provoked inspiration?
Is it the very essence of a different, self-governing, individualistic nature?
How could you manage to decipher anything at all, when the veil shields all intent?
If you defy, what will become of your soul in eternity?
Would you care when there is no one left to take your action?

There is no way out of the predicaments that we find ourselves, except through sheer action
I speak only to those who merely shove the burden of their will
Onto the fantastical fairytales of a promised eternity
Mere tools utilized and meant to inspire
Yet the purpose behind their intent--
Is simply to separate you from your nature.

Embellishments of a most epic grandeur, you realize was always present in nature
Destruction is generally preferred, and little preservation is taken by means of action
I do realize, that not all the deluded are full of ill intent
Still, I cannot help but react accordingly to character of my will
For too, can much fulfillment be found in the creation of inspiration
It is solely this moment… that is eternity.

A potentially self-manifested eternity, is not isolated according to another's nature
Rather it is the insatiable qualities of inspiration, which efficiently prompts action
Never refuse the right to your own will, for others will not carry your intent.


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