Resistance is Futile (The Power Struggle)


You apply to college believing you can pursue your dreams

But you apply without understanding their many schemes.

Higher education is a privilege not a right

So I don't understand why I constantly have to fight.

That one one day I'll finally be able to catch that light

I call my dream.


Yes, I'm furious, and maybe a little upset

that I've worked hard all my life but it means nothing unless tuition is met.

Education is a privilege they say I know what they mean

But that doesn't stop me from being a part of their scheme.

They who are the people in power do nothing but take.

They keep on taking until everything we own is at stake.

So don't sit there and tell me that higher education is a privilege

Because I'm fighting for my education as the hunter fights for food in his village.


I try to keep calm it's only three more years they say.

But each and every day I find it more and more difficult to make pay.

The middle class is in the middle for a reason.

Don't expect them to be able to afford private education without any assistance.

So I try to make them understand with my fire and persistence.

But it is all to no prevail.

My plans to resist will all fail

Because of their one explanation: higher education is a privilege.


Although it seems hopeless I will never give up my fight.

You see because I was taught to fight for what's right.

But no matter how much I fight their power is crucial

and that's why it is obvious that resistance is futile.


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