Day at School

Fri, 05/09/2014 - 20:13 -- Montyyx


Another day at school

The wheels in my head are constantly spinning

I can't help but let my mind wonder,

In history I dream of what would it be like

To be in another persons shoes-

What I'd do, say, hear, touch, feel

Then again, if I were to be another person

I wouldn't be myself, would I?

My teacher cracks jokes, and is old enough to teach my mother.

In fact I mentioned he actually did 

"We don't speak of that." he smirks.

In English I live in the books

I breathe in the stories and  whisper their words 

I visualize what they look like and where they are

I wonder my eyes across the paper 

I realize I've read ahead, and I'm lost,

"Page 340" my neighbor whispers with a raised eyebrow.

In my homeroom I talk with my Art teacher,

about my day, hers, and a random topic brought up

Then I fiend off the crude students who viciously paw at my sketchbook

"It's personal" I whisper a reply to the 'why not?'

Lunch is in a loud crowded room,

I stand in line for food that might not be edible,

"What is it?"  someone asked,

I wish I could say "Chicken!" But it doesn't look like chicken

"Not sure, is it even meat?" I say as we stare at the plate

We laugh, eventually, as we begin to eat

we talk and wait for the bell to ring

off to the next class when it does

Chemistry is a strange class

our first teach was pregnant, and left two months in

so a chain reaction started

It begins with 'we don't understand'

And ends with 'Are we learning?'

We have had a substitute who replaced a substitute

but she was fired because of her personal life,

so now we talk about anything and everything

Our new sub sits in the computer chair

The man drifts off into a slumber

he's old and frail, and we aren't even sure if he's breathing half the time

someone claps to make sure he's still alive

'Quiet down everyone' he says when, in fact, no ones talking.

Spanish is amusing but very annoying

Our teacher is of South American blood

he talks with an accent, and lets us do as we please

usually, our class is loud and disruptive

"Silence, please!" he asks, but when the volume gets louder 

"SILENCIO POR FAVOR!" he yells and we all hush 

In the silence, my mind wonders more

I daydream until I hear my name

I look up and he holds out the marker.

'Shit' I groan as I go to answer

My thoughts can wait for another day

Another time, and somewhere else.

Usually I think the most during  school,

after all, I have alot on my mind these days



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