It’s all in the stars;

I can tell you that right now

Whether it’s late at night

In your old Chevy with the top pulled down

Or those moments when you’re closest to God

And the angels wink then they’re outta sight.

It’s all in the stars;

They do more than just dance.

I don’t know it’s a fire, it’s a passion

It’s the hope and the dream of a chance

To feel something you never thought you’d feel

With flashing lights and big Hollywood signs

That put you in some Heavenly trance.

I can’t help but feel

Like there are times in my life

When my stars can’t-no they won’t

Align just right.

All the glimmer and shimmer

And games and fame

Isn’t it just a horrible shame that

The stars that we see and the stars that we love

Are a mirage of something that never once was?


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