What i think of the world


Living in a world where ppl just wanna judge 

by what they heard not by what they see 

next time come ask me 

no one took the time to ask me who I was who I am  or who I wanna be 

but if I could burn I would set the world on fire

 so everyone can see how I Internally burn

 friends turned enemies , enemies turn friends 

where is the balance where does the pain end 

love a word foreign to my heart 

trust something I come to depart from the station with my dreams 

no more waking up thinking who is the real me 

who is Mercedes Ruth Grier a girl women foe or friend

 not defines by my zodiac or my culture heritage 

I long left those days where I was proud to be me 

now its like why bother with another day 

when no one can see the pain behind u eyes the wall on ur heart the chain down ur spine the internally damage that was done 

a  mystery who me, no!

 the world thinks I'm an open book so caught up in my life

 no one has time to look or read between the lines of these short pages to see the cry for help 

would someone stand up n let me speak 

no moment at all is pointless in some ppls eyes 

no dream is to little, no mountain to high 

but a bear one I hold every night saying shadow what will be our tomorrow our day our night  our fantasy our world of flight and fear cease and desist all treachary from here

 how dare u say best friend when u speak ill of my name

 a back I felt stabbed in to many times to count 

my wounds by lovers by friends not shockingly enemies

 but some times its the ones who u think hate u that turn the other way to forgive n forget is that not what they say grandma, grandma sitting on the porch of heaven with daddy n ur beloved twin sister prosha watching ur every move guiding you but which way inside ur still a lil girl crying daddy help me  wondering why why me 

ding ding next stop the bus bell dings

 you don't want to get off this bus scared of the possibility that reality may haunt you your dreams 

a moment of slience for the death of the old me the one who shielded her eyes from a thing called reality 

sadie sadie that voice I came to know 

toni toni where did my nette go the one glimpse of hope n a worth less life 

They say every great writer goes through a tradgedy then I guess my novel will be a new York times best seller since my life is no better now than it was when I first picked up that pen to vent out my  frustration till the end  let me ask you this am I the girl you think I am.....

 No………. you dont know me don't know my life my story nothing living in a worlds where ppl just wanna judge not what they see but just by what they heard.



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