College Makes You Think


Wounded hearts and college textbooks. See, these are the extremities of your late teens and early twenties. I say I can relate when in all actuality…I can. Life gave me a broken heart along with college loans. And the farther in debt I go, the more boys I will stumble over with my heart breaking in pieces as I step over them. College loans will crush me almost as hard as my next boyfriend will. Here's the thing, they're one in the same. Loans bring us satisfactory joy for a couple years and college love is there and we find it in the echoes of the word cheers. As we slam down shots of alcohol our fears don't become real at all because we are numb and love feels a lot better when you actually can't feel it at all. Because pain isn't what we're interested in and paying someone more than you have is like giving someone all that you are, and we all know that's not we're ready for. So we prepare our hearts to be broken and our wallets to be choking with regrets and dry heaving with emptiness. The lust in our bodies is almost as strong as the governments system of making every graduating college senior as broke as the door hinge on their 4x4 apartment door. See, I know few things and college only brings 3 diagram rings. Love, loans, and a career but we all know we don't focus on the last one until we realize we're almost done with school. So love and loans that is what college represents. Uncontrollable nights with people you won't remember the next day, and financial aid numbers you won't understand until your parents support goes away. So take a seat and let it all sink in, because no matter how hard you try to avoid these two things they are crawling around your dark and cold room waiting for you to peek inside. Waiting for your brain to illuminate and the light to shine. Realizing that love and loans will be the only things on our minds...for years down the line. And when that day comes when our loans are paid and our college love is our monogomous day to day, you and I will both realize that money and love will never leave our minds, and not pretend to hide in our lives.



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