Devil's Lust

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 01:25 -- Nae28

A smile naturally pierced,

It fills my face with boiling blood

This one speaks with deceit

Devil's advocate, Devil's lust

His eyes possess my conscience,

They speak not so in tongues

I starve in need of passion

The evil deed is done.

He feeds me only scraps,

I indulge with sinful desire

Lucifer himself would not dare behold this fire

Which engulfs every shadow

 Once concealed, yet now in lights,

My sensuality now exploited

His brutal lust, it does suffice.

His heavy breath lingers,

Imprinted on my chest

I want his sweet taste to stain upon my neck

I need his dark intentions to play my soul a song

I long to be beside his delicious wrong,

I beckon for his reign, to serve for him I must,

I fall into the pits 

of this alluring Devil's lust.


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