Come and Gone

Come and Gone Written By: Faith Rushing



Oh, these ideas


That come and go


I need to keep up


or my brain might let them go!



This happens very rarely,


so i got to keep in mind.


Oh no! I feel weary!


So i got to rewind.



There it is just like i said!


An idea that just popped out of my head!


What to do now?


I have to write!


Wait, another sleepless night?



This shouldn't take long,


I've got time to spare.


Wait! I can't find my pencil anywhere!



Searching for something to write,


Here comes the sleepless night.


The moon shines bright,


The stars shine white.



Fiddling with my fingers, thinking what to write


Wait! I've been writing all night!


I look at the progress that has been done,


Not bad for 101!



Goodnight moon, you are starting to swoon.


Goodnight rug, my eyelids start to shut.


Goodnight door, I'm too tired for a war.


Goodnight wall, I'm about to fall.



In bed I lay, so tired from today.


Goodnight, hurray! Peace every day!

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