Walking down the street they hold hands
People look and stare taking second glances
Saying that shit should be band
But why,
If you’re allowed to drink on Sunday
And smoke your lungs away
Then what’s wrong with a being Gay
What happened to being “free?”
Were now in a world where
We say free but it’s something
We can’t be
Were a country built on laws and rights
Yet we make new ones and forget the ones we are built upon
And when people stand and make fights
That’s when the world looks down on them and they are shunned
So let’s stop the judgment
Let go of the hate
And let each other fulfill our fate
Let’s go back to being free
And stop saying I
And start saying we
Cause isn’t that what we started out as
Until we started to fall
One nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


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