Reality is individualistic.

Whatever we see, we believe.

Whatever we believe becomes our reality.

Until some opposing force disproves it indefinitely

Who are they to tell me otherwise?


My reality is my truth

And while it may not be pretty 

And polished and elegant

It is my own and that is where I find beauty.


Your reality is a great one

Because it belongs to you and you alone.

No monsters can steal it

Nor can they mold it.


Our reality is amazing

Because together we create a universal truth

Made up of millions of threads and strings

That weave together 

Into a beautifully silent discord.


It is our silent agreement 

To keep our realities as we want

For what is reality without delusion

Even if it is only for an instant?


Our conflicting beliefs

Our polite facades

Our silent cries;

All for each other and for ourselves

Until we create another reality together.








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