Second Hand Love

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 01:42 -- mbwon

In college people get drunk off cheap beer

Partying the night life away without a fear

But there’s a larger problem at stake

Making drinking look like nothing but a piece of cake

Cause there’s so many girls hung over

On the potion called love rather the notion of love

Making their mind tipsy

Actions misdirected 

Depression that sinks in

Living in a cloud until reality sets in

I’m so tired of living off the second hand smoke effects

Of my friends who are smoking love down to the butt of their love filled cigarette

I’m not even smoking but their aura of desperation is clogging up my arteries

Not something I’ve known but through them it’s become part of me

Infected by their stories pain afflicted again

Are they suppose to represent mankind-or unkind men

I feel the effects slowly taking over

I’m getting their symptoms, feeling it in ever fiber

Making it harder to breathe

Addicted to it like weed

Gotta be thinking about being love or scorning love for all eternity

Cause if you aint chasing or being chased

What are you worth

I can’t run the race with the smoke of love brimming through my lungs

I can’t open my heart when they’ve stuck me with an IV thats bitter

You tell me it’s all about needing a man

Swooning and dreaming but ultimately be crushed in the end

So I choose to step out of your vicinity

Not to let your smoke affect what’s inside of me

Because from the inside out the changes start

But the effects only show after the death of the heart

I will no longer stand in the haze

Of saying I am nothing without a man every day


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