"Mother, why won't you believe me?

I've told you no lies today.

Mother, why won't you see

I'm trying to make my own way?"


"Child, you ask to be free

Yet you've always told nothing but lies.

How can you ask me to witness

What's never been in front of my eyes?"


"Father, I'm asking you kindly

To save me from all of their hate.

Why do you never find me? 

Why are you always too late?"


"Child, you're simply mistaken,

You deserve the way that they hate.

You've chosen to be forsaken.

This is not a question of fate."


"God, why won't you forgive me

For being the way that I am?

Am I really an abomination?

Am I really no longer your lamb?"


"Child, your heart has been poisoned,

The devil has corrupted your mind.

Release this childish misconception,

Your life is already defined."


How can you live denied by the world,

How can you seek someone's love,

When everyone's fighting against you,

Even the warm God up above.


So the child sits in self-hatred,

Believing her life is a lie.

She hold the cold steel in her fingers,

And now all they ask is why.


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