Art of Science


Do you feel your heart beating? 

Listen, hear the song:

It beats, again and again

Like a drum inside you

So loud but yet silent, beating for strength itself.

Just the pound within your chest. 


Do you know of the cells that are you?

Look, see the trillions:

Smaller than one can see

The living things tinier than a pinhead 

Assemble to create beings who are beauty itself. 

Just unnoticed parts that are your whole. 


Do you know of the intricacy of your brain?

Think, take a moment: 

A large watery mass

Responsibility for everything one does

Simple actions, powering life itself. 

Just an unseen conscience in your mind. 


Do you know what science is to me? 

Art, understand the beauty:

Simplicity is complexity

Complexity is the reasoning 

Behind breath-taking grace of life.

Just a quiet force that makes the world.





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