Just One Job Scholarship Slam

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There are many jobs, many fields, many choices. But there is only one for me and one alone. This one is a job that cares for people through knowledge showing compassion,
Movies and films are much more than just fun. films that reveal victims that are more than done. i want to be a director that shares their dismay, I'll show how good wins but how evil still poisions the day.
What disease has plagued us causing generous people to become so treacherous? Is it poverty, obesity, or something with the heart
They are waiting I am waiting I don't know them, they don't know me, But we are waiting for each other.  I have prayed for them already. I want to be a missionary.    All my life I've
DESIGNER Choosing between red and blue, Or if the frame is too high to view. Don't worry, I'll help you,
I want to be an illustrator A children's book decorator I'll see my creations on the paper And that will change my life   I want to be an animator And someday become the creator
I close my eys and visualize my future,  a future where I am taking care of animals,  curing their injuries, making sure they are okay.   Dogs wagging their tails, cats mewing from their cages, 
O, to teach                                                                                                                                                        The humble and the meek                                                            
Helping people day and night Helping people left and right Rain or shine For Saddness or happy This is my job, my calling, my happening Healing the sick or fixing the disabled
I walk into the classroom in the morning. It's empty. The vision of seeing young students in front of me rattles my bones, shakes my fingers, speeds my heart. I'm nervous. Nervous about
The layered glory and weakness, The wounded and the broken, Finally receive good news. Some of the lost have been found. Some of the dying have been saved. Some of the bad have been beaten.
one job to alterredifinemoldshapean expendable mind. is what she dreams ofdoing - a reason to rubher eyes, wake up andseeevery day. 
Life's path is never certain. Some are born into money, other's born into a world of poverty. Lifestyles can change.   One thing is for certain You can achieve anything.
There are seven billion people on this planet that I have yet to meet, and one hundred ninety-five countries I have not visited. Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town,
Jobs can change people's lives, But it all comes down to who thrives.   One job may be all it takes,  In order to stop all that aches.   Nobody knows when that time may come, 
If you had a nickel for everytime  I cared, you would be rich. Richer than a millionaire.   So let me be that man who hands you the coin everytime I entertain you or annoy.
One job may change my life, Allowing me to spill ink like rain And carve a path of words for my own gain. Oh, how one job may change my life.   I would find newfound right,
  With a white lab coat 
My goal in life is not to change my own but to bring light to another's. In time of need and suffering, I want to be there. To put a smile on their face,  to ease what is uneasy... that is my life goal.  
Dreams come true If I’m willing to reach them My future will be blue If I do nothing to complete them Everything can change By doing things that I enjoy By looking at what I can do
It's just one jobnothing more nothig lessIt's just one jobIm going to get itIm better than him, way more qulified than her, no chance on them.but it's just one jobThat's not what having me was for
Death is like air abundant everywhere.                                                                                                 And it lerks always coming around.                                                                             
Some say to teach is to die but I say that's a lie. whose to say children aren't precious? With their creativity in their hands and their imagination in their minds.
You sit at the the stained oak desk of God Of Fate He eyes you through his silver-sliver-rimmed glasses Gazes into your soul and the manila-enveloped list of your life In neatly printed, size 12 font  
A job at home, a job so easy. How I wish my thumbs could stay on my greasy space bar.   Typing away, entering my binary code, protecting the cyber world. From thieves and inappropriate sites.
Music, lights, warmed up toes make-up on and ready to show. Passion, anxiety, the thrill of go pointe shoes tied and preparing to throw. Caution to the winds, Heart to the world, Fear out the door.
You know when you're in the car Driving down the same street to the same place To work, school, or home And then you see him You look away guiltily, you think, "God, what can I do?"
I started to care about how I'd look, so I picked up GQ instead of a book. To be on the cover of the magazine, or to be the man behind the scenes. I was inspired, now I'll be,
I always liked to live just a step away from reality, ensconced in those secret worlds of pages and words and their own gravity. So when I looked to the future, I was happy enough to see
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" -My child ears were berated by this question "A Doctor or Lawyer, or Undersea Explorer" -Why does it matter?my child mind would wonder  
I want to be a teacher,
Becoming who I am destined to be Will put me on covers of VOGUE It will allot me the favor Of rubbing elbows with Anna Wintor
A beautiful house sits on a hill One that was built from scratch I watched as the owner designed it;
Everyone knows who they were born to be, Some musicians, some teachers, some on TV. However, when it comes to me, Everyone will know my name, sea to sea. It wasn't easy to get there,
My brain is hard wired to fear as it is to everyone. Make a decision, Make a decision, My brain is saying to me. One job change can change one's life.
If I do not have a job How can I live life How can i support  a wife Then children if they come I call myself a builder of the body I build what God gave me I lift for me As I  love to lift
  No ear may hear 
The dark is lit up by one sign of life A face washed aglow by one single light With clattering keys and eyes narrow with strife
Running, Climbing, The prince he saves her, Credits, Rolling The ending's closer, story, told and, It's so repeted, Emotional depth, oh so needed,
I know wha
Life Is What You Make of It   Life is what you make of it Not how much you fake it Not your dress or a stupid zit
Everyday I wake with a dream A dream that to others seems weak. But my dream has a meaning  the same as yours and theirs, I dream to be successful and reach my everlonging dream.
Every day that goes by, I think of the man that I wish to be. Though I sometimes forget, I look in the mirror and see, A man with a pen who writes tales of great wonder,
            It is the sound of hushed breathing. It is the rhythmic silhouette of strides, the perfectly choreographed dance. It is the way that the summer sunlight creates small crystals in the hanging spider webs.
Imagine yourself behind a lens With the power to direct  A film that portrays the future  Or life in retrospect    Imagine getting to hold the clapboard  And loudly yelling "Action!"
One job may change my life, as I transition from my ongoing strife. This job I know, will be something special, Surely not a dead end into which I will settle.   This job of mine will feed my soul,
My dream job that will completely transform my life path into something beautiful would be to become a Plastic Surgeon! There is no other job more exhilarating than being a Plastic Surgeon.
Music connects us all, in ways words never could, unifying and uniting us for the common good, lyrics are more to us than just lines on a page, music is a jem, that is more precious with age,  
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
  Her eyes change as the seasons come Her head held up high as she walks the halls She speaks her mind with no problem She walks around with her crown in confidence She lets you know that as a queen,
Change. It is what everyone wants to see in the world. I want it. You want it. He, she, we want it.
Forever sounds good Lose you, I not sure I could They say distance breaks everything But I still love you   I'm through with them There's nothing they can say to push me down
Laying down at 3 am,  In the darkness of the night I feel an irresistable urge To write and write and write.    Something more practical  Is what I had in mind
Eyes cast down, fixed upon the ground Taste the blood, broken dreams, lonely times indeed Broken soun, softly layig on the ground   You knw I took the long way around
Come one! Come all! Step into my tent of ancient truths, Do not be shy sir, have no fear, For there are no signs of smoke and mirrors here,   Faded pictures come alive,
Spider, Blood-Sucker no more Webs, infinite connections, brushed away Fields, Lines, in the sky, Bearing down on Highways I need Fields and Lines too These ones though, Cannot Feel them
If I wrote a story Of things great and glory That grew like the sun’s rise And glittered in his eyes. If I could, then I would And if I would, then should I be allowed to stay
To inspire, to write, to live my dream as a writer could only begin Fiction, goth, romance, mystery what to choose, what to do To be a writer is to insipre to inspire is to live My dream as a writer 
One day I’
The transcript: 
  I want to be a diplomat
I go to succeed, to get my degree, then life slams the door. With death, with hardships. So young. Then I pick back up and get knocked back down. By who? Obstacles. But I stood up to inspire.
Just one job could change everything Everything I've always wanted to be Be someone different from the person I am right now Now, I'm only preparing for my future plans Plans that I have only begun to make
The few kind souls that reside Are those whom are thrown aside Grouped and slaughtered by the masses
An obstetrician has a lot on their plate Responsible for bringing in lives But I know this is my fate People say I’m crazy Because of the amount of school Also the debt Ill end up in too
My dream job, to help people, to put my life on the line for others, to protect the people from dangers of crime
One job may change my life For the better Or for worse I want to be in a job where others can rely on me.  A job where I can help those who need it not just want it.
Young girl first dreams of being A stereotypical dream to be a princess Like in those magical not realistic fairytales To sit pretty in a fancy dress, to wait for the elusive Prince Charming
If I could have just one job, It would to be make a sad child smile. A smile full of sunshine and hope, Something they have not experienced for awhile.   If I could have just one job,
Opportunities and open doors
Most people feel the same Many want money, cars, and fame Thousands of fans screaming your name It all depends on how you play the game   To be under the lights, on the stage
Simplicity, smiles, that's all I ask. I want to help, heal, and hopefully receive all the love I put in the world. A doctor? Lawyer? Nurse? Psychologist? Who knows.
All I really know   is that my favorite color has always been blue.   As I have grown up in life   it was the sea and the sky that I intrigued me.  
I can make discoveries, just put me up to bat. Finding out what's always there? Just need time for that.   But when you say, "Create something!" that's when life gets fun.
Lost and wandering
on my way to my once in a life time job I hope that I see heights.  So many don't get to see, working hard only to work harder, time passes by, by and by they see themselves anywhere but where they wanted.  
Memories keep flooding from my past they remind me of what I use to have an unforgiving father  and a mother who cared they both used attorneys to advocate for their share attorneys, attorneys
A little girl sits at the kitchen table with her Mommy,  Not even five and this little girl always ties everyone's shoes,  She always shares her snacks,  She always loves with all her little heart.
Working at the local grocery store Bagging groceries like it’s my life As I bag, I dream of the future What could life be like if it were perfect?
As child I was always asked "when you grow up, what do you want to be?" and without a doubt I just knew I wanted to teach english to be exact reading stories excited me
    It’s been eighteen years since I took my first breath, And between the most recent two, I’ve undergone many debates.
Breathe in an ambition, Breathe out the character. I am not who I was a second ago. I'm a new body, a new background, A different person, but I can relate.   The curtain, the stage,
How many steps will it take for me to get there?  How many hours in a day, a week, will I waste?  A path full of competitors and deceivers  All trying to get to the same place 
It's just one job.I'll never strike it rich;I'll never make it big. It's just one job.I'll be cursed out;I'll be spat upon.
My future was unclearA dream with no nameIt began to draw nearStill now it remainsThough once unseen
motivation is Key if you wish to succeed Wake up pumped to achieve that one job   more than  job its a career that keeps you smiling even when 
Growing up, we were asked to choose Doctor, Lawyer, and Princess too. There was only one job that I Ever thought could change my life And still be enough.   Reading, writing, critical thinking.
My dream job would be Full of smiles Simple organized files Neatly printed papers about successful living lives. Where in the paper tells How they overcame their spells On how reality was so sad 
My nose, eyes and ears are open Sometimes it feels so foreign Waiting for my calling Then it hits me, right as I'm falling The Horse which threw me...This is the key It keeps me on my knees
Humans will always want, long, and desireI can see it every day, desire is in our nature
I was gifted with clever hands,
See I have this thing I do; I write. Most people say I can’t do it forever but I don’t see why not, See it lifts me up so high above the clouds it changes your life,
One Job. One life to make a difference. One chance to change how people live. One person,
If i could have one job that changes my life, i would want one where i help animals with a knife. not to harm or kill them, no,  but to cure them so they can live as long as they can.
Most find their heroes in glorious, flowing capes. I find mine working several hours straight. Lab coats, patient's notes, many kinds of machinery, These are some things that mean everything to me.
Books Are made of up sweet-smelling ink and paper That are so saturated with potential They are weapons My hands ache to weave a tapestry with silk threads of words
My mother is a tax preparer My father is an Electrician They been so for twenty five years Still They struggle to keep up with the bills And keeping us alive
One job is all i need, a nurse who doesn't suffer from greed, just the job that i need.
I’m the girl who is always lost in her thoughts The girl who created entire civilizations in her head
What a job you have there! Magnificent! Outstanding! A dream job surely! It must be the best! Just look at your desk! The zeros on your check! Atop a building! With power and influence!
I seek to create and rebuild to bridge the gap between techonolgy and ourselves in a manner which merges math and physics with a touch of pure intelect engineering will allow me to construct the world
As a child who loved to readI grew up with stories all around me.Stories of courage, of adventure,of little girls who weren't afraid to dream. Those stories shaped me into who I am,
It is only a dream Or so they tell me A dream It could make a differnce Maybe not for you But for me Besides Who else matters? If I could have my dream job I would be a professor
Autistic brother. Hardworking mother. Hardworking father.
One job that could change everything What could that be? What would change everything, everything? It has to be something important, Maybe not to everyone but important to me.
Becoming a nurse. Being the helping hand. Reaching out. Going beyond. Stepping out. Leaving the country. Helping others. Make the change. Be the change. Be the helping hand.
"I just don't know how you're giong to pay back all these loans." My mother says unfamiliar, like most of my family, with the cost of college. Knowledge Information Books Dollar Sign
I reach for the stars, I will be an astronaut. No one can stop me. 
Theatre has given me so much over the years. It has provided a place where I can freely express myself, without judgement, and I can release all of my inhbitions and fears and
Grab my gun, put on my vest. Pin my badge, right on my chest. get my cuffs walk out the door crank my car but I'm so unsure. I may never come home again, to see my this place
Heart, truth, love, beauty.
The air was heavy The stage lights were bright All around the room Eager faces listened for the mic  
Just one Job,  One that can teach but not disrupt a young ones mind,
1 square,       2 square,           3 square,                      more. Line the sides,           match the stripes,                     got to get home before the night, 1 stitch,
The sky turns blue from darkness to light, Ushering in a bright new day An overload of information Attempting to cross our ways Every day we struggle to make sense of what we see
Living life  My main job I'm an actress  Playing the part I'm given A part time counsleor  Giving advice or a shoulder to cry on A cook Making myself dinner while avoiding starting a fire
Once upon a time there was a little girl Oldest of three, and she had a dream She wanted to be tall She wanted to be strong She wanted to believe Believe? In what? She believed in belief
If I can make one child's life better, i'll have done my job.
My Job is simple, become an anchorwoman for a major news station like Cbs or Fox news. Easy right? No 
A job that could change my life . A physical therapist, an interesting career. A job that concises of a DPT Degree, a license & compassion with no fear.
To have any job I desired Would be quite a miracle. Toiling day in, day out  But enjoying it- that is the key. Although I have not always had the most pleasant Experiences at the dentist,
They'll call me the chameleon Smooth criminal at one point hero the next Saving the privot Ryans, Thwarting the villians...   I'll be loved by millions or rather I'd be known by them
I've had this dream since I was eight.
to witness the life. to cross harsh borders and hear the people sing. of pain at death, of joy at birth.   to hear scratchy voices. to breathe in the community  and the inborn harmony.
She was a worker from Primerica The best company in America Studies her way out to be a doctor By the watchful eye of her brother, the protector
"When you're a cop, can you pardon my tickets?" I hate hearing such mundane things about my career. It's not even what I want to do.
The mysteries of the mind elude the untrained,
People have always told me to dream.  But they also said dreams don't come true by themselves They need help They need hard work and sweat and elbow grease They require passion and pain 
Maybe the mistakes you thought you made, wasn't a mistake. Maybe the person you wanted, wasn't the person you needed. Just because you didn't want something to happen, doesn't mean it shouldn't have happened.
There's two people staring back at me, a reflection; a nightmare. The difference between the one in the mirror, the one I want to be, is that, unlike the one in my nightmare,
My dream job would be to own a philanthropic missionary comapny. I would love to be the CEO of a world wide company that builds houses, shares the gospel,  and feeds and clothes the poor.
As kids, the line between real and pretend was hazy We spent nights looking up at the sky Imagining rocketships firing men into the stars My dad would lift me up on his shoulders
I dream to be a walking library filled with facts and stories of our past generations. To teach fellow humans
A dreamer be in wakeflness and sleep I saw the edge of the world last night it was a waterfall that poured out the sea I did impossible things last night sailing a ship over the edge of the world.
Dream. Having fun.
Saving something now,  
The one thing that everyone loves, Are the strings of chords that create a buzz. Long gigs create late nights, But I'll keep going with all my might. Excelling each instrument may be hard,
My musical talent never was up to par All the other kids in the class could strum their guitar
One job may change my life but, some people complain about too many jobs ruining their life. Taking care of your family being true to yourself, havng your friend's back, paying your bills,
Spring 2001
Life is hard no matter what
The noose had been tightening around my neck Or more specifically, my waist As my skin began to seemingly Melt from my bones I found myself trapped in a terrible cycle
We live out our lives in preformance.    Time and effort into this work,  the make-up, 
My obsession for my existence Is the reason for my resistance To violence It is end of silence It is more than a dream job to me Being a law enforcement officer is not a social luxury
The world in which we live has many predetermined regulations. Likewise, the lives that we find ourselves living have many variables beyond our control.
I am bumped and shoved, Yet somehow that doesn’t affect me. I love New York. It’s where I belong. Getting caught in the hustle and bustle that the city life has to offer, That’s what I want.
From Times Square to San Francisco
"I'm here." "I can understand." "Don't worry." "Take my hand."   I want to be the light, to scatter away the dark. The voice of reason, the first hopeful spark.  
Creative expression is all I see, but how can it be, for the world to see? To see the world that I do see, I create my world for thee. Poly by poly my world takes shape, My stories, my dreams, my fantasies create.
to help. all i ever wanted was to help, when i was a child  to be. strong, the one to make my family proud to win. even when it was prideful or greedy, i wanted to succeed.
To be a calamitous novelist, you say? What does that even mean?
To aid those who have fallen, To breathe in the air of knowledge, To know that one made a difference Makes the world so much better.   My life is drenched in sorrow,
Going back to school, another 3 years, To many, this thought alone would bring tears. Not for me however, I am filled with excitement, To me, that is another 3 short years of enlightment.  
My dream is help athletes.  Heal their injuries and ease the pain. Give them tips on how to gain their strength back. Filling a bag with freezing, cold ice.  Heating up a pad for a sore back. 
My career will not become my cause Rather my change will be my life’s law To choose a job that will always galore Only can be received through the divine This job is to pore out his love’s open door
The power to create, To enable, To relate, To deliver a message, To celebrate, To create a world, To give image to thought, To give reason to rhyme, From the collective pot,
The dream of working for myself, Deciding when I get paid, Working when I want too, Owning my own company is my dream.
I had a dream, that one day I could save lives. I had a dream that I could make a difference, and my patients in return could change me. I had a dream that I was a Registered Nurse.
If I could have one job to change my life, I'd be a geneticist and find the cure to alzheimers.  I'd work in a lab all day, and I'd save the ones with so much love, and passion, and hurt.
Do what you love and the money will follow is what they say. They don't tell you that the road to getting there may be shaky. They don't tell you the struggles, the indecision, the limits you must fight against to get to where you want to be.
I want to ride thru the coastal nightsInstead of questioning my existance under michigan lightsI dont feel real unless it's pretendingI don't want to lose this rushI feel like its ending
My angel, my love, how I love thee, my dear Forever by your side, so no need to fear. You light up my life, you make my heart sing; Your voice is like honey, it makes my ears ring.  
Sunlight flitting across white cabinets and microscope slides A visit to the children’s ward Where they wait with cancer
Trap in the black, warp in the dark. A world bathed in gray and black, its tearing me apart. My mind is concealed afraid to reveal.  Inside me all, my difference is what I seal.
To help, to endure, and to care, To make the world, noble and fair, To be able to heal the child with grace, To return them to a parent's embrace, To say I assisted children in need,
Tuesday night is writing night Up at Saturday Night Live. The cameras are off, The lights are on, And no one sleeps. Everything’s funny At two in the morning But that won’t matter
What makes up a nurse? Thick skin and integrity A passion to fight
A Thorny Mountain Raveled with spikes of venom  With no end in sight
One job will change my life, To make my life successful, To help others, And make them healthy.   College, do what I have too, too afford it Four years of Nursing school Graduate, Work,
My dream, job would be to be a Pyschiatric speicialist. My junior year of high school i was placed in a Psych Ward for attempted suicide.
The true path forward has long been ongoing. I still anxiously wait.
Alarm Sigh Time for work again. Same Routine Make money to stay alive. Boring Life In this cubicle the beauty outside has started to die. No More Money is my boss.
In a moment---I could be at a desk, Taking names and answering doors, In a moment---I could be organizing spreadsheets. In a moment---I could be I could be I--could--be
To have goals is to believe you can do it. Reaching for the unimaginable is tough, especially since it is never imagined.
Scrubs eh Oh, that's what you call these But that ain’t what I call them These things right here I call them my work clothes   Everyday I leave the comfort of my bed Where to?
The words flow from the pen to the page Then from the page to screen That's what I want to see Words My job would be words Millions of combinations of twenty-six symbols Creating people and worlds 
New wonders await, I have much to discover, Researching is great.
Let's dream together And build images of a world we never knew. Let's dream bigger And turn our thoughts to tangible, Creatures of day, Rather than imaginary monsters of night. Let's dream together 
Jobs mean many things From stability to money From a home to food From a livelihood to a family To me that one job means freedom It means that I have the freedom to choose 
Revised. Oh how I'm looking forward to the future But what if I FAIL? I don't want to be a Loser But only time will tell What if I get a job and I don't like it? I guess I won't know until I try it
To become a savior, to the ones that we call friends, There are ones that we call Veterinarian. They help and heal our furry friends, Both big and small. O how this would change who i am,
Big decisions Different choices buzzing around my head So many, too many They all ask about your future Tell you to pick the standard jobs, take the typical path of life All I can hear are voices
I have seen the light in my mother's eyes. That glimmer that shows a revalation, an epiphany.   I have seen the light in my teachers' eyes. All my teachers, at least once a year, will see it in mine.  
Tears in my eyes, emptiness in my heart, I feel like life is falling apart, Reckless and young, I stick out my tongue, And put up my middle finger   For someday they will all linger
September 4th 1992, commencing day one of employment , this marked the beginning of changing my life, my title; daughter, sister, friend, so many responsibilities, but naturally adjusting,
The glistening sun shining on my face. The soothing wind that caresses me. I open my eyes to realize that I am discovering new places I've never been to. Feeling the camera strap around my neck.
Hello, class. Salute the Flag.
That one job.... When I was a young girl I dreamed of being a dance teacher Point your toes, chest up, relax your shoulders I just couldn't wait to say it.
I'm waiting for the dayThe day I get that phone callThat emailEtextEviteTo ignite my sensesAnd collide my childhood day dreams of yesterdayWith my childhood mindest of today
  The pride of my family, I've got a tradition to uphold. It weighs on my should. It's what I've been told. Face the opportunity. We're meant to live bold.
All my life I've seen a sea of faces All my life I've been scared of the minds behind them Always judging, always looking, what are they thinking?  Are they thinking about me?
Engineer, mathematician Computer programmer, statistician A job that makes money I can't put my knowledge to waste I wanted to be a teacher But for my intelligence that's not enough pay
youth pastor thats what i wana be the kids are the future and i want to show that Jesus loves them that all they got to know follow the book he gave us to read
Diligent, productive, confident I have the makings of a boss Young mother, broke, in debt But none of the funds to get there Pirouette, leap, shimmy I want to own a dance studio Bussiness, risk, money
African Skies
Golden red days in the meadow do starve, Happy too, the warning of eternal death,  for life is to forever our soul carve, So that we may move on to a new breathe.
I remember grade one When the parents asked "What do you want to be?" Fireman, princess, baker, happy And every person knew their purpose   I remember grade five When the teachers asked
You know that one thing you love more than life itself? That thing you breathe and sleep because it just makes you melt. It's the one thing you would be empty without, your live would be pointless, it's what you're about.
    We dream every night wake up every day wondering to go or to stay.
The blinding lights kick into life,
  A question like any for myself to answer Can I teach because education does not occur When students use school as their battlegrounds   Nihilism hits bravery with irony
Promised since a young age.Looked forward tobut taken away suddenly.Taken so suddenly that it leaves aSPACE.A deep, empty space that burns
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
Father’s heart died in his briefcase In a cubicle -  His graveyard. But it fuels my dream, My dream of working at a magazine – And writing my life away, Sharing my words of honesty.
Why am I Allergic to life Why can it not just be you and I I just want a chance To use my love Oh, makeup The career that will never come
Behind bars the lonely boy wept Behind bars the angry boy kept Behind bars is no place for a kid, but Behind bars is the place where he lives One woman to lead the way  One woman to save the day
"Study" says Mother "Study" says Father "Study" says the brother and the sister And the others   She studies And studies  And studies She gets nowhere  
It is at night that my thoughts speed up, rising and crashing over my brain like an ocean wave knocking at my thoughts. It is then that creativity captures me and  enthralls me in the world of literature that
My dream is making someone elses dream happen. Helping this person become better than they were yesteday. Yes, I know ths does not make money.
Serenity in my hands Sand in my feet The glow of the day I plan on meeting the experience someday I have always had dreams Night and Day Of my aspirations being live and not just dangling in my head
Since I was little I didn't want to change lives. But rather have my life changed by others, who don't realize Whats wrong.   Fear, unknown. Never feeling alone.
It's writing with a pen thats lost all the ink, You keep trying but you cant get down what you think, And the thoughts are a flood in the back of your head, You speak up to let them out but noone cares what you said,
Which is important?
A child walks down the hallway, allowing the thoughts of doubt and frustration to fill her mind. She just wants to be different than the lies she's told. A doctor, a teacher, a life changer, her goals. A door slammed in her face, trash thrown at...
The cold wind cuts like a butcher's knife As a faint scent dances on a ruby nose Beckoning an icy heart to home As the first spring sun calls a rose   Something familiar, known from youth
If I had to do one job it would be to be able to provide to the youth a little bit of wisdom given by my scribbled down pictures from the words that I have written.
The is but one job that I want Which I dream of daily, To be a  chef and make a croissant My dream, I imagine gayly. Cooking in the household room Where magic happens in the stove,
Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of owning my own store. A store with clothes, jewelry and more, I always wanted a life full of stylish galore. Fashion has always been a part of my life,
I grew up believing poor was a four letter word an
My job is change your life. It is to make sure you're still trying and in the game. Don't give up because someone says so or more so if the voice inside your head is telling you No.    
And this is why you are wrong At what cost will this affect them? Compared to what? What hard evidence do you have? I don't mean to put you on the spot? Senator? Senator?
  It is a cold world out there, and there are many people going sick. I do not want to leave this world without making a difference to other precious lives.
What do I want to be?Listen close, and you'll see.I wanna help people,I wanna make a difference.Touch their lives,
Since the age of five, I've known and I've tried, To help others in need.   "Oh doctor, doctor  Please give me some water" --I know who I want to be.   I've always cared about others,
I would walk this  secret path, that no one could see, my signature sound, would make my enemies flee.   My aim  would stay straight, and my hand would be  steady, for when my country calls,
What if your dream job could be your reality?One dreamOne jobA chance to prove yourself worthy.Not to take it for guaranteed.
Look around!  What do you see? The good of man-kind? or the wickedness of humans? Life? or death? For justice could take many forms and shapes, but there must be the choosen few to shape it into something more than a mere blob.
As a Caribbean-American I am forever comitted to the hyphen,
Age 4 You can become anything Nothing is stopping you A firefighter, a teacher, a dentist
To be the one to make it all ok, to be the one who can wipe those tears away. My dream has always been the same,
How are we so comfortable? This earth, this tree of life, one great cosmic network, slowly suffocating, struggling to breathe, to flourish, to provide, this world gives us nothing but unconditional love
As a traveling nurse, I would witness such a wide range of cultures and traditions, from Korea's fashion sense to Spain's Flamenco festivals.
I want to work Where the wind takes me   I want to work Where my efforts can help others   I want to work Where I can be enriched by new cultures Meet new people
They gave me a two dollar tip, a Two Dollar tip! After seventy-five dollars of food they give a two dollar tip I answered every question,I gave all the food On top of that they knew it was good
I never wanted anything, Of this cold and dark space, Accept to make my way through it,
Any job would change my life Since I am way too young to be a wife I dream to work for international law I would fight for what is right with every tooth and claw. I would at least need a doctoral degree
There was no real winter in the desert. As children, we would stair at the sky And wish that the small white flakes would  Fall from the heavens and kiss our faces, Like they did for the children on tv.  
People make connections, families, ties, My dream job would be to help preserve, save lives. Working with patients in foreign beds, Helping them fix things they feel are in their heads.  
From coast to coast, From Heathrow to JFK, I'd run to each terminal just in time to save my day   Screwed up internal clock, The source of this jet lag Well, it wouldn't be such a drag  
I want to change the world There is no simpler task All that is required Is the courage to wear a mask     Intellegence is key In stopping the killing spree
Things that could be , Would be , and will be created. I will be the one that designs it. With my own imagination and determination
Year after year, class after class, A dull grey ooze of shapeless mass, Squishes through one sleepy ear, But out the other to disappear. Oh, how I wish it were not true,
Day after Day Hour after Hour Time rolls by I'm one step closer Yet so far behind I can see the light  At the end of the tunnel And I'm almost there It's my light My own path
When we are little we dream The sea the sky the stars are all limitless We are little we dream with no boundaries   Those dreams may lead to where we end Or they may let us simply begin
The sound of graphite on paper Fills the room As students qickly take notes About DNA and evolution Pictures of Darwin and double helixes Line the white walls of the classroom
If not today, then someday. I want to be the modern day Shakespeare. I wanna wake up with my heart pounding because my job gives me a rush of adrenalin, for I know my job would leave a long lasting cultural impact.
I believe in myselfbut why can't they?photography is my cup of teathey just disagree that's not a real job they stateall of this hate
Ain’t been many jobs I’ve thought I’d like to have, In fact there’s only one I love that I’ve seen, And you know it happens to be directing, film making, It’s putting movies up on the silver screen.
Sitting on the dusty ground; looking, eyes scanning, always prowling for the little black speck. The little black speck that shows life was here, Here fifty million years have passed,
broken young weak ill alone not worth breathing anymore a warmth comes in the cold white coat gentle hands nourishes cares hope        
I've gone through everything. Encouragement; Discouragement. Praise; Ridicule. Advice; Sabotage. You name it, my art has felt it. Then, an opportunity, a chance! A risk, a gamble.
Teachers all are we Even without a special degree Mother, father, sister, brother Everyone learns from one another Passionate for history? Teacher; that's the thing to be!
I was a woman drowning in my own tears, bound by the chains of my own depression. No one around to listen to my story and be the ear to my painful confessions.
My dream job is to work in childcare I desire to be children's support in life before they go off into the "real world" My dream job is to work in childcare I feel the need to help other children suceed in life
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "An artist," I innocently answered my parents at four years of age. "What do you want to be in the future?"
Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, Help yourself and I can help as well. I'll be your dental hygienest And you will be the patient. The patient that changed my life With your shiny teeth and you.   
My mother always taught me, That your career shouldnt be a job It shouldnt be where your miserable
I could fly a plane,  I could be a chef,
Since I was six, I had a computer.   Computers were so strange. Words and pictures come with a click, Words and numbers I summoned. Soon the computer was an extension.  
"What do you want to do when you get older?"
Lights camera action. We are the people who bring dreams to life. With a deft slight hand we create a brand of image that only we can imagine. If we can dream it we can make it
Since the start of my senior year I had a plan.
For the love of music I need to share it's quality. It brought me a friend and to save a soul.
An addict,  Thats been the lable i've worn like a badge for four years. I can not sit here and tell you that I am remorseful of the struggles of my past , they've made me the person I am today.
Filmmaking: Why I Now Have a Story
I grew up with nothing no money, no family, no friends, no future.  It was for those things that I believed I'd be drunk on my couch every night, rather than going somewhere. 
How do you see a voice?   Is it sharp and smooth? Is it distiguished and elegant? Is it happy and full of hope perhaps? Does it have brown skin? Peach skin? Skin covered in freckles?
Just a year old when he had his first surgery  Doctors swarmed around him to fix his valve and artery
Oh how I'm looking forward to the future But what if I FAIL? I don't want to be a Loser But only tie will tell  What if I get a job an I don't like it? I guess I won't know until I try it
Life is full of suprises Whether we like it or not We will always have our ups and downs We will always have people that don't want to see us succeed in life
We're all born the same, but we're all not brought up the same. We're all here, yet our only purpose isn't to exist... it's to co-exist. Let's gravitate towards each other, with a helping hand extended.  
Helping victims that have been stabbed with a knife, That's the kind of job I want to change a life. Helping the ones who have been hurt and abused, That's the job I choose. Putting away those child molesters 
It's a man's world,  They say with a cocked eyebrow and a daring smirk of superiority. I've heard that one before. Faced that fight. It's nothing I'm afraid of.  
Basketball or maybe even football,Two of my most favorite sports,Two of the jobs i would love to do,Running the field or playing on the court. 
I can paint a picture without my hands. I can sing a song without my lips. I can see another world without my eyes. Inside my mind, my dreams run wild. Money and fame seem so mild.
A world now not a world then Forever changing only time may mend A days work never unrewarded True lives and words unspoken Ties between those prepared to be broken At that I take my leave as a token
Strands of DNA, unraveling before my eyesthe mysteries of life, a miracle unplannedtiny particles unmarred by societysparkling stars scattered within the minutethriving gems to make a heart beat
The eyes glare at me I stare back All hope receeding Just stuck there.   Not one to give up I go on Paintbrush touches lips I push it.   Revealing the truth
  I sit alone. Half my face in the light. Silence is golden. In it I write. Carving up beauty from letters of might. Lost in the lines. Is it day? Is it night?
Needing money for college to study finance to teach others how to save money for college.
The sciences are mostly seen as male-dominated right? Well this woman will shed some light,
Do you know That the universe Millions of lights Glowing bright From such a height  Is in someone As small as me As small as you As big as us 
Huh! She jolts upwards Blood rushing
They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. But  what if you love to things , can a person  combine both passions. I have deep roots and
They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. But  heat if you love to things , can a person  combine both passions. I have deep roots and
Lights, camera, action 60 minutes of tough, hardcore, gridiron action.  And there I stand, taking it all in.  Focusing and analyzing each play, remember highlights  and memorizing stats.
the bookworm knows where to find her favorite book amass the novels wedged between
All my dream jobs allow me to create. To please the mobs who do not wish to imitate.   I, a fashion designer could sew my dreams into something finer, creating my dreams through seams.
Do you ever wonder what it's like to have your dream job? You sit in your bed thinking on and on, What is my dream job?    If  you were me and I was you, maybe we'd have the same dream too
Create a new world  Bring your charecters to life  Live to animate
Applications, Essays, Letters of Recommendation. Hours,  Hours, Hours of work. Work that makes my eyes blurry  Or fingers cramp.    For what exactly? 
If there was one job;  To change my life; I would be a Gamer; Until I die.   The thrill of the chase;  The glee of victory; Immersed in story and mystery.  
A student seeking money am I. To write a poem I will try A career to investigate That will ultimately liberate The author from his misery Trapped inside a dead end job Working from six to three.
If I had a job A perfect one, hopefully in a couple of years It would be As a nuclear pharmacist, finding disease   Pharmacy is a long journey Six years of study I don't mind, I don't care
What makes a dream careerTo each his ownFor we all differIn what makes us feel at home
One job... may change my life.  One person... may change my life. One child... may change my life. One patient... may change my life. One word... may change my life. One cell... may change my life.
In front of thousands of people I had a dream I was singing With my guitar close at hand What an amazing feeling But gosh what a feeling Live performances take courage What is music
One type of job that could change my life is being able to be a psychologist so that be able to one day open a foster house, which is my dream.
IF there was a job, that could change your life, what would you say.   Wouldnt that persuade you to achieve your dream, I mean, who wouldnt want better for themselves   Isnt that why we're here
Awareness The knowledge of the world around us To figure out the mysteries Create a bigger island I visualize myself Expanding our horizons I'll expand the list I'm Carlos, The Physicist
At home, in my sock drawer, I keep a piglet notebook. About halfway through, I have my first worded entry, cappuccino.
With my wild imagination as a child, I thought about what I wanted to be, A princess, maybe a doctor, Perhaps a lawyer or even a writer, The possibilties were endless, The ideas enchanted me.  
Eyes like a shutter Mind like a lense I capture the memories so that they don't fade or blend
Each and every day they say, "You can't do this or that, no way." But still I stand, my dreams in my hand. Not letting their words define me or create me,
When we go walk through the woods we build ourselves like the trees that surround us. 
Science is an international study Enriching our lives,  Making us better Go to the doctor and get a prescription But who made that medicine, Who tested it, Who was behind "the cure"?  
Call me a teacherAnd I will smileI'm not there yetBut that's my goalI want to create smilesOn childrens facesOnce they enter my class room
One Job May Change My Life   From the hours of studying To clinicals and tests Passing my exams And only giving my best   Applying for jobs has never been harder
A job is not simply an occupation, For the name makes it seem so obligatory and mundane. There is not better job for the 90,360 hour duration
Sometimes it takes more than one One job Two jobs Three jobs
With all the confusion and noise, We are trying to find  an escape.  A dark room full with one source of light, sharing with us solutions  to our problems, answers to our questions,
I sat in class thinking it was easy While everyone else failed out. The next year I decided            To take the AP route. I did extra work And took a state-wide test;
Sensational, musical, vibrations fill my ears. The acoustics of the world around me changes with every step.
Not being able to hear.     Not being able to see.          This does not mean you are usless and weak.                      You are still normal to me.                      And I wish to teach you.
Many languages I will speak,Lessons are what I seek.To succeed in future careers,First I must join my college peers.
To be an Engineer must be surrealIt's the blueprint to a science that we can never see or feelIt's almost unfair what a little math can unveilStructures so necessary yet beautifully created for appeal
If I could have a job, what would it be? Would it be the highest chair in my original corportation or the MTV broadcaster for Jenn and Justin's separation? Would I travel the world to photograph earth's beauty?
Imagine swimming in the clear blue waters of Skiathos, Greece, or observing the Mayan temples, even if they're only in piece; Reading the love letters Juliet's wall has come to receive,
I like to help What should I choose?
I am but simple, feeble, and small; but through what I build, I can inspire a light in others of infinite fire. i am but plain, but I can make great and tall, a image of wonder to spark in all
Spark! I can see the spark Come from the eyes and radiate Giving thought Emotion Inspiration All to those eyes in dark Dulled by the world outside I was that Those dull eyes
From sketch to full rendering,
I’ve always dreamt about it. Working at E! I know it’ll be hard. I’ll finish school and get that degree. Hopefully I’ll also travel the world and get my experience. I’ve always dreamt about E! I know I can make it there if I work hard enough.
A dream job? Could eye be an artist? Eye often thought of myself as having a unique viewpoint, but dont we all? Could eye be an archeoligist?
Let me write for you. Absorb my words and remember my name. Search for me through the pages of the black and white print. Adopt what you like of mine, Compliment my style.
I wanted to help the animalsI wanted to save the planet.I kept changing my mind& I didn't understand it.
We hunger and we thirst.Everyone needs to eat. In the kitchen I stand,I cook to serve the hungry. This job will sustain them,Keeping them alive. But they don't know,This job has changed my life.
As the sun was starting to rise on a nice summer day, she woke up. Battling breast cancer, she always kept a smile on her face, but hold up. Changes were about to occur, and maybe not for the best.
I watch my pops get up for work Sunday, too, no time for church Eight hour shifts, back to back He doesn't know how to relax Change my life? No cheats, no thrills I just want a job to pay the bills
There is that one job The job that could change it all That could make me soar To add numbers all day and find their flaws This one dream of mine To be an accountant I shall have to go to school
My dream is to be what most imagine its what most could only dream of what you see in movies.  No my dream is not to be an actor.  My dream is to be a Combat search and rescue doctor 
Music pulsatesin time with my heartresonating through my bloodrattling my bonesWords flowthrough my fingertipsdripping inkstaining pagesIf I could writeabout music
A Dream job, What is it? What is this dream job, That has me cornered so?   Is it the magic of the pen, That scribbles on my soul; Or is it the idea's of imagination,
I wanted to serve others meaning people other than me to let them know  that they are so much more than their disease but how can I show them this love that I have so eagerly to give
Peace is very two dimensional , There comes happiness, And there comes sacrifice, With peace you have to make a sacrifice to achieve happiness, Whether you accept it is your choice,
 The one job that will change my life. That one and only job will be the one I have always dreamed of. Veterinarian Technology.
So, I'm sitting here thinking about growing up.  It's so hard to believe, it's so abrupt.  Working hard,  striving for success.  That one job, you'd believe its the best. 
Growing up a spoiled child, unknowingly. Struggling with degree in hand to find herself.  Struggling with second degree in hand to find her career. Stumbling upon the life of a poverty-stricken self, unknowingly.
The worried looks a diagnosis
I have a dream. One of great proportions And ultimate adventure. I dream to travel the world. All of it. For the rest of my life. Exploring, Adventuring, Dreaming Forever.
Sitting in my cap and gown barely able to sit still due to the excitement of knowing somthing big is about take place.   Eagerly waiting for the next chapter of my life
History has shaped the way we feel, think, and act. Time heals most things, but it doesn't change the past. Many people today, African-Americans especially Have done many things that just aren't necessary.
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