Dream job!


My dream job that will completely transform my life path into something beautiful would be to become a Plastic Surgeon! There is no other job more exhilarating than being a Plastic Surgeon. This type of job can not only transform my life but others too. This job would not be considered a job for me. It would be my passion, a lifelong career to help others fulfill their perfect self-image they are hoping to achieve when they step into my office. Plastic Surgery also known as Cosmetic Surgery will transform my life path from a middle class minority to an upper class minority, which is very unusual for ethnic group.

The only way to get this job is to go through a long process called college, medical school, and residency, but the duration of this process will not deter me from following my dreams!  

There are many classes that you will need in during your undergraduate years in college such as Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Genetics (to name a few) to help you prepare for you MCAT for medical school.

There are about 1,000 obstacles that stand in my way. They are named Benjamin’s! Seriously that is really one of my major obstacles along will competing with all the other people whom want to become doctors too.  

The support that I need to help me make my dream job a reality would be some financial support. I had some financial support from my parents but due to our current financial situation I am unfortunately forced to sit out of school until we can sell some more things to help pay for my schooling. If I could get that support it would really help take a huge load of me and my family’s back. 


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