Teachers being taught

I have seen the light in my mother's eyes.

That glimmer that shows a revalation, an epiphany.


I have seen the light in my teachers' eyes.

All my teachers, at least once a year, will see it in mine.


The lighbulb going off. New information being processed.

Educating the educators beyond their education.

The moment when a new idea is formed, born in the darness of ignorance, a new way to teach, to inspire, to make the students believe that the lessons are not mere mortal words that die,

But to sell the idea itelf, to smith from the forges of a mind with molten word a sword to smite the darkness, the ignorance, the lack of knowledge that so plauges all young people.


"To teach is to touch a life forever."

Or so we have all read on the placks on the desks of many a teacher, wether it be of science, english, or elementary.

I suggest a closer look than most would take at the phrase.

"To teach is to touch a life forever."


Most people would look at this and sayy that the phrase is about a teacher changing the course of a student's life for the better.

I say look deeper.

Students touch teachers as much, if not more at first, than the teacher the student.

The student, thus, becomes the teacher.


Education may change the lives of my future students, but I believe that they will not be the only ones given the light.


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