Fixing People Who Feel There Is No Hope.

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 18:19 -- maddy

People make connections, families, ties,

My dream job would be to help preserve, save lives.

Working with patients in foreign beds,

Helping them fix things they feel are in their heads.


To be a doctor would make my life complete,

I feel there is not a job out there that could compete.

Fixing people who feel there is no hope,

Reassuring and helping them find new ways to cope.


Even on days when patients feel there is no way out,

I will be there to help them cast away their doubt.

To solve problems and cure their illness,

To walk away with a sense of fulfillness.


To be there for the ups and the downs,

To help each patient through their smiles and their frowns.

This job would be one in a million,

Because I could be the real life hero and not the villain.


After going through years of college,

I will be the one and only source of knowledge.

To figure out the treatment and all the plans,

While trying to comply with all of their demands.


Being a doctor would truly change my life,

To be able to cut out all of the problems with a little knife.

My life is not the thing I truly care to change though,

I want to fix these members of families that will continue to grow.




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