Just One Job...May Change My Life

The sound of graphite on paper

Fills the room

As students qickly take notes

About DNA and evolution

Pictures of Darwin and double helixes

Line the white walls of the classroom

Light chatter floats trough the air

As the ring of the bell grows nearer

*Ring! Ring! Ring!*

The stampede forces their way through the door

One student lingers behind

"Miss Wilson..." she says

Her eyes dark and void of emotion

She stands there pleading for help

I ask what's wrong

Only to receive a grave backstory

Taking her shaking hands in mine

I giver her the best advice I can muster

She embraces me in a loving hug

Repeating "You are the best teacher in the world."

Years later, long after she's graduated

One young woman lingers behind

After the stampede has left

"Miss Wilson..." she says

Her eyes gleaming an hands steady

"Years ago you gave me advice

I wanted to come back to thank you

Thank you for turning my life around

You truly are the best teacher in the world."

Taking her steady hands in mine, I say

"Sometimes teaching isn't just about the subject

Sometimes it is about offering a helping hand

To someone who needs it most."

She embraces me in a loving hug

Then walks out the door

I may have changed her life years ago

But today she has changed mine.




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