I can see the spark

Come from the eyes and radiate

Giving thought



All to those eyes in dark

Dulled by the world outside

I was that

Those dull eyes

One day

I discovered 

The best magic comes from the heart

I realized what I can do

I can give them a spark

Igniting their hearts

Setting them ablaze to take on the world

Giving them hope


Something to smile for

I know...

I know it is not much

Even nothing in some


That does not mean that no one can be saved

Saved from the dark and the cold 

Following them around like albatross

It just takes that spark

A spark from my fire that I had set ablaze myself

In order to do that

I must be in the light

On the stage

The set

The screen

I must take on not just characters

I must take on their feelings

Their struggles

And dreams

Using the empathy within me

To understand all people

To show every single person

There is something out there for them

They too can ignite their flames

Attain what they dream of

And smile

It just takes

A spark

I am willing to give

A spark

Warming the hearts of many in the cold

A spark

To light their way



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