one job..

A dream job?

Could eye be an artist?

Eye often thought of myself as having a unique viewpoint, but dont we all?

Could eye be an archeoligist?

Eye would love to travel the many uncovered archeological sites in the US,

or teach the students of my country a new philosophy of diffusionism to uncover the truth about history.

Could eye be a psychologist?

Eye seem to love anyalzing every aspect of life but simple psychology doesnt sufffice.

Could eye be a teacher?

Learning new words like "paradigm shift" and teaching them to the class seems like fun.

What about Architecture? its beatiful.

Eye admire the many types of structure around the world.

Like the pueblo style houses found in South America and also in Africa.

Or maybe eye should be an entreprenuer and start my own business in the name of capitalism.

After all pres. Washington was inagurated on what is now wall st. the center of our economy.

But no sadly eye can only be me, Marcus Culbertson- artist, archeologist, psychologist, teacher, architect, and entreprenuer. 

Full time Resident of my bedroom and honda civic.

If eye am already what eye want to become, could one job really change my life?



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