Happiness and Weddings

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 20:04 -- jkramb

Everyday I wake with a dream

A dream that to others seems weak.

But my dream has a meaning 

the same as yours and theirs,

I dream to be successful and reach my everlonging dream.

I want to be a wedding planner

not because I strive on stress or have nothing else to be.

I want to be a wedding planner

because it puts happiness inside me.

When my dad died, a very large piece of me died too

but if I can bring happiness to people just like you, 

then that large piece gets just a little smaller.

Every girl dreams of her wedding day,

Walking down the isle, rose petals and the sparkling white gown they'll wear,

they think about the tears that will slide down their father's check as he gives her hand away,

But sometimes not every girl has a dad that will be there that day.

I want to be a wedding planner

so that even though my dad wont be there for me,

I can make sure that everything goes smooth and that their dad's will be there to see

the happiness in his daughters and the strength in the man she has chosen.

But for those girls that I have no dad just like me

just know that he will be there and have a front row seat

because your day is still special to him

he wouldnt miss it just because hes gone.

So hang in there girls in this world,

dont be scared for your wedding day

because I will be there.





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