Life Lessons Override Fortune


Which is important?

Gaining fame through the public's eye or gaining interpersonal skills that will last for a lifetime 

Since day one I've wanted to be a professional dancer

What if one day I wake up and couldn't dance anymore

Even with therapy I'll be setback and

Potentially out of a career

How will I survive

I can't depend on anyone but myself and GOD!

So which path do I a scurry down

A dream road or a road where I help others

Finding their way in the world

I'll choose reality

As a social worker, I know I won't have to worry about torn ligaments

Hampering my dancing abilities

I'll gain a lot of interpersonal skills being a social worker

Helping others who need help the most

For me the best choice to make

I'll have a way of surviving and doing what's best for my future

Fame is less important than learning interpersonal skills that I'll have for







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