One Dream, A Pathway To Others


A child walks down the hallway, allowing the thoughts of doubt and frustration to fill her mind. She just wants to be different than the lies she's told. A doctor, a teacher, a life changer, her goals. A door slammed in her face, trash thrown at her back. She's told she will be nothing. Over and over again, until she finally begins to believe. A student with grades that open so many doors, begins to allow them to drop, till she feels her grades equal the person she's told she is. No longer excited about her future, she's accepted her fate. She will only be what the past of her parents told her that she shall be also.

A teacher still sees the spark left in the eyes of the once shinning student. This spark has the ability to be stoked so that the flame can once again shine bright in this girl. With words that encourage, the child's spark begins to grow. Extra time the teacher gives is like kindling added to the flames. More and more the child becomes who the teacher is confident she can be. The child realizes the teacher cares and wants her to grow. So she grows, she wants to make the teacher proud. With the teacher's pride in her, she realizes that words are only words. She realizes that she can make a difference. Her 'cants' change to 'cans'. Her 'cans' change to 'wills'. Her 'wills' become 'have dones'.With each moment, she becomes more of who she wants to be. Her goals reopen and she thrives. Little does this child realize that she has allowed not only herself, but her teacher to reach her goals. Because that teacher wants to change lives. That teacher, will one day, be me. 


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