A P.T... And Then Some


What do I want to be?
Listen close, and you'll see.
I wanna help people,
I wanna make a difference.
Touch their lives,
open hearts and eyes.
Not only that,
but physically...
I want to help as much as I can.
I wanna help the lame walk again,
just like Jesus did.
I wanna help people learn
to use a fake arm and leg.
I want to help ease the pain
of losing  an ability in vain.
I want to be a doctor,
a ceratin kind,
but I also want to be there,
to be a friend in mind.
I want to be there for the recovery process,
up until the end.
I want to be a guide,
someone to lean on,
as well as a physician you can trust.
I know I'll have to go a distance,
a little ways from home.
To get the degrees I want,
and the education to own.
I know I'll need money,
and lots of it,
as well as a strong willpower
and a sturdy faith.
I know there will be lots of work
I'll need to do
as well as lots of studying,
and stress will come, too.
I know it will be challenging,
I know it will be tough,
but it will be worth it,
when I get enough.
As long as I get to do
what my heart desires.
And as long as I make enough
to get me through my life...
I'll be happy.
I want to help people,
women and men.
With their physical problems,
and bring their pain to an end.
Have you guessed what I want to be,
what I want to do,
and who I want to become?
I want to be a physical therapist,
and then some.

~Written 2/22/14



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