If Only to be a Calamitous Novelist


To be a calamitous novelist, you say?

What does that even mean?

I would spend each night and every day

Creating real, mind-blowing, image burning scenes.


I would put pen paper, fingers to keys,

Draw a scene with words to bring you to your knees. 


I could spend every waking moment alone with my mind,

Writing a new world, leaving this one behind.


How could my life be radically changed?

What's so great about putting words on a page? 

It's a simple desire, one I think most of us have.

I simply want to impact, do you even have to ask?


A calamity is a disaster, sudden and swift,

It causes great distress, it can leave you adrift.

Why would I want to write this way?

Leave a path of destruction just to have something to say? 


This job isn't just a money maker,

It's my life's ambition.

To have my name on a book cover is my own personal mission. 

It would fill my soul to the brim, overflowing with joy

To hear people ponder my plot's latest ploy. 


It's simple to write, it's simple to dream 

Put them together and you've got quite the scheme.

What's not so simple, however, is to write a certain way.

To write so your words capture a moment in someone's day. 


I don't want to write about disaster, to actually write about calamity.

I desire a world with peace, a world with true amity. 

But I do however want to wreck someone's personal world. 

I want to leave them breathless from the events that have just unfurled. 


My dream job? What would make my life complete?

To be a Calamitous Novelist, use words to spread the heat. 







My life's honest ambition. 

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