Now that's a JOB!


What a job you have there!

Magnificent! Outstanding! A dream job surely!

It must be the best!

Just look at your desk!

The zeros on your check!

Atop a building! With power and influence!

You must have worked so hard!

Sweat and labor, rung by corporate rung!

You made it...

You made it all...

Your family is fed,

and your kids are in bed.

What a dream job surely!



Yes, I agree! My kids are in bed,

and my family is fed.

I made it.

I made it all by myself.

Labor and sweat, rung by corporate rung.

Now I sit atop a building, at the very top.

Nothing left to climb, nothing left to do.

(except maybe get fat)

Zeros are just zeros, a desk is but a plank of wood.

A dream job surely! But life is not a dream.

I should have been a cartoonist! 

Now they have cool jobs!


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