Hopes of a Future


As a Caribbean-American I am forever comitted to the hyphen,

Told that my kinds future may never heighten,

My story has touched some but not many,

But as I stare intensely at this computer screen,


Hoping that your able to see my dream,

It feels like deja vu,

At five I said I wanted to be a doctor,

Now at fourteen I said I want to be an anesthesiologist,

It seems like such a big dream,

At the age of fourteen,

But I dreamt of this career,

The success I hope to one day share,

But why you may ask?

When I was young I was told to be the BEST,

But I wondered what was my best,

Where could it be?

This is my best,

My best goal,

My best dream,

And my best success.

I'm a minority,

Longing to dine with the majority,

My color isn't the reason I chose this profession,

It just gives me a better reason to have a lasting impression, 

I have high goals,

high hopes,

and Hopes of a Future.

This one job just might change my life.



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