Lens Crafter

Do you know
That the universe
Millions of lights
Glowing bright
From such a height 
Is in someone
As small as me
As small as you
As big as us 
As great as we
Did you know 
That your body
Our bodies
Is made from
Exploded stars
Nurtured by 
A mother's love
Granted by 
Someone above
Do you care 
No matter
Your race
Your hair
The color of your stare
The troubles you bear 
Love isn't anywhere 
To be found
Someone's there
Someone's there
Do you care
That I am 99.9 percent 
The same as you
Or him
Or her
Or them
The people who told you
Told me
That we are the minority
Sit down
Take a seat
Watch while they run the country
Stay behind the line
It's not quite your time to shine
Because they didn't know
That they are in you 
And you are in them
the allusion of boundaries 
Has blinded men
Their eyes aren't strong enough to see
The atoms that flow freely 
Between we
They decide
That we
Bounded to them by ties of humanity
Should be
Bounded to them by the ties of humanity
Must decide
Between dinner
Or the lights
The same lights 
Of the same stars
That exploded
In a different galaxy
That connects us 
By the very air we breathe
By an invisible string
That knots the ties of humanity
The same as them
Sit in apathy
In the dark 
Because we-
We chose dinner
Someone's there
I sit here with you 
In the dark
But my eyes 
They are not closed
They see
That the only difference between we
Is the name you have given
I have made it my job
My dream
To sit with you
In this shaft
And craft the lenses 
So that you can see 
the light
Of the exploded stars
Looking upon you 
Wherever you are
It may take years 
For the light to reach 
From the depths of space
But here I wait
I wait for you
And I hope to lead
By spinning these threads
That knots the ties of humanity
By an invisible string
A string that leads
To an entangled web
That connects me to you
And him to her
And mice to bird
As we realize
Open eyes
Grateful for the sunrise
That we
You and me
He and she
are just one part
Of this family tree



Really powerful and thought provoking piece. I hope you're able to get people to "realize" and "open eyes".


Thank you :) your comment made my morning.

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