Pursuit of Happiness


You sit at the the stained oak desk of God

Of Fate

He eyes you through his silver-sliver-rimmed glasses

Gazes into your soul and the manila-enveloped list of your life

In neatly printed, size 12 font


You've wanted, you've waited, you're ready

You're willing

Because when astronaut and dinosaur

Fell to the wayside,

This was your pursuit of happiness


The imposing figure flicks through the pages

Knocking aside the mountains of your life

The days of your struggles

Not knowing what and how long each bullet point

Meant to the years of your life

The money you spent

The effort for your



And after waiting and waiting, just a bit more

After waiting for years and years before

You find yourself not

A dinosaur

An astronaut

Or a prisoner of white cubicle walls

But happy.


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