From Classes to Creation

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:16 -- Inumo

I can make discoveries,

just put me up to bat.

Finding out what's always there?

Just need time for that.


But when you say, "Create something!"

that's when life gets fun.

What's better than a pioneer

doing what's ne'er been done?


Alas, it takes time to do both,

and time's not on my side,

for loans and bills (and classes too)

do leave one's brain quite fried.


Torn between two diff'rent worlds,

to find or to create,

I chose the path of researching

and not my own blank slate.


And yet, I know, if someone were

to offer me the chance,

I'd make a thing, in words, in game,

music, art, or dance.


It's all I'd need, just that one job,

creating anything.

That would change my life, from now

until I stop breathing.


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